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  • Why IT Managed Services?

    The Tampa Computer Doctors IT Managed Services Experts Difference

    A different approach to Managed IT Services in Tampa.
    Tampa Computer Doctors Managed IT Services Experts works to stay on the cutting edge of technology while providing you the best customer service possible. Many IT Managed Service Providers simply like to do monitoring & fix the bare minimum or only respond when called. This is not proactive IT Managed Services. TCD Managed IT Services Experts work to pro-actively fix the problem at is root so you are getting the most value from your investment which saves you money in the long run.

    What steps will TCD Managed IT Services take to help us?
    TCD Managed IT Services Experts starts with an evaluation of your network, Good or bad we show you what was done right or wrong, what needs improvement, what your IT needs are & see what specific needs are important to you so we can put a plan together that will not only provide for all your IT needs but meet all your IT wants as well.

    Once the evaluation is done we provide a plan for putting it into action including a time table & possible expenses, We also at this time put a plan to do all necessary upgrades so are never technologically behind.

    What methods does TCD Managed IT Services use? Automate updates & maintenance ~ Leaving more time for Upgrades, Development & Customer support Instant remote support ~ There when you need us in an instant for both PC's & Mac's Managed IT Support for all. Security ~ by improving network security we lower the risk of breaches & risk of virus infections. Monitoring ~ by constant monitoring we are able to pro-actively identify problems before they happen. On-site as needed~ Some problems are better handled on site, we have on site technicians when needed.

    What do you mean you do more development & not just monitoring? Many IT managed service providers simply monitor & only patch the problems that come up. If regular upgrades to your systems are not done you are left with outdated equipment & software which they charge you a big amount to upgrade. TCD Manged IT Services works to provide the best service possible for you while we focus on Development. Meaning instead of just collecting & doing the bare minimum work to keep you running our managed services team will work to improve your overall network & by correcting problems lower the amount downtime for you the customer.

    Why do most IT Managed Service providers not want to do upgrades & just monitoring?
    Most IT managed services providers do not want to do upgrades for several reasons, the first being it means more work for them doing the upgrade, more work troubleshooting user experiences on an upgraded system & often are not capable of doing upgrades as they are only trained to maintain.

    What if we do not feel satisfied with our level of service?
    No company is perfect & all companies makes mistakes including us. Technology is an ever growing field & no one knows everything. What should set a good company from a bad one is what we do when we know you are unhappy. Tampa Computer Doctors promise that if you are not ever happy we will work even harder to earn your business & earn your business for many years to come.

    Does the Tampa Computer Doctors Managed IT Services guarantee its work.
    Yes, Tampa Computer Doctors will do everything is can to make sure that you are not only satisfied with your work but that when we fix

    We can fix any IT problem & get you a solution fast.
    Some shops are limited by one person trying to do & fix it all. We have many specialists with different skill sets to meet all your needs. Tampa Computer Doctors are also partnered with many different companies to always make sure we can provide for all your needs.

    Fast friendly service & communication.
    Some shops don't return messages for days. Tampa Computer Doctors Managed IT Services strive to always return phone calls the same or next day & provide fast friendly service. Our monitoring system also includes a ticketing system.

    100% customer satisfaction.
    Some Managed IT Service Providers hide their managers or the owner so if you have a problem with the service you cannot be properly helped. Both the owner & manager are always willing to help & give you the best possible service.

    Employees with high morale & character who treat everyone like family.
    The majority of our business comes from referral's & word of mouth. The biggest compliment you can give us is a referral to your friends & family.

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